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Traffic Safety Partner Network

The North Dakota Traffic Safety Partner Network (TSPN) is made up of a broad spectrum of partners and agency representatives who have a stake in improving traffic safety in the State of North Dakota.

TSPN members are stakeholders in the North Dakota Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) process coordinated through the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT). The SHSP identifies priority emphasis areas to reduce severe crashes resulting in fatal and serious injuries in North Dakota. TSPN stakeholders are critical to the ongoing development, implementation, and evaluation of the North Dakota SHSP.

To learn more about traffic safety initiatives focused on saving lives on North Dakota roads, go to: .

The Code for the Road Campaign

In November 2013, the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) in cooperation with the TSPN launched a new theme for traffic safety education and high visibility enforcement.

That theme is “Code for the Road.” It’s a message that empowers people to do the right thing and save their own lives. We’re asking the people of North Dakota to use their own Code for the Road—and include safety among the rules they live by. It is a concept that can be personal for each individual but it also reinforces the knowledge that North Dakota has traffic laws that are enforced: “Follow the Rules. Follow the Law.”

Live by your own code; make your own rules in your own vehicle—and make safe driving and riding in a vehicle Rule #1. Code for the Road provides a platform for the TSPN to work together to cultivate a culture of safety on North Dakota roads. It is important now more than ever. Changes in our population, social and economic changes and other factors have drastically impacted traffic in North Dakota in recent years, and will continue to do so.

Share your rules at

AAA North Dakota
ABATE of North Dakota
Altru Health System
City and County Governments
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Law Enforcement (State, Local and Tribal)
Local Public Health Units
MHA Nation (Three Affiliated Tribes)
North Dakota Association of Counties
North Dakota Bureau of Indian Affairs
North Dakota Department of Health, Injury Prevention Program
North Dakota Department of Health, EMS and Trauma
North Dakota Department of Human Services, Behavioral Health Division
North Dakota Department of Transportation
North Dakota Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association
North Dakota EMS Association
North Dakota Highway Patrol
North Dakota Motor Carriers Association
North Dakota Motorcycle Safety Program
North Dakota National Guard
North Dakota Petroleum Council
North Dakota Safety Council
North Dakota State University, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Spirit Lake Reservation
Transportation Planners (state, county, and metropolitan planning organizations [MPOs]
Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians

Thank you to the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute for hosting the Code for the Road website.

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