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Motorcycle Safety


Motorists can save lives by watching for motorcyclists.

Over the past 10 years, the number of registered motorcycles in North Dakota has increased 36%. That means motorists are sharing the road with more motorcycle riders than ever before. Alert driving can help minimize injuries and fatalities from crashes between motor vehicles and motorcycles.

Adam Kuntz Riding Highway 83

As summer heats up, so does motorcycle use. On average in 2017, one motorcyclist was in a crash every 1.4 days in North Dakota.

To help keep everyone safe on the roads, the North Dakota Department of Transportation encourages North Dakota drivers to be aware of motorcyclists — especially during the summer when motorcycle use peaks. Watch how you can help keep our roads safe.


Safety tips for motorists sharing the road:

  • Look twice for motorcycles. Check mirrors and blind spots when entering an intersection, changing lanes, passing or turning left.
  • Stay back. Motorcycles can stop more quickly than a vehicle.
  • Actively watch for motorcycles that may be hidden.
  • Do not try to share the lane. Motorcycles have the same right-of-way as any other vehicle.
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