Even one life lost in a motor vehicle crash is too many; every life is precious.
Each memorial here is built on the hope of preventing another death.
Monte Zak
9Mar Monte Zak
Brielle Deutscher
20Aug Brielle Deutscher
Wise Up
Ease Up
David Hawkinson
29Mar David Hawkinson
Joseph Paul Wayman
24Jun Joseph Paul Wayman
Kyle I. Nelson
20Aug Kyle I. Nelson
Sandy Kilde
20Aug Sandy Kilde
Allison Deutscher
20Aug Allison Deutscher
Miranda Stephens
9Sep Miranda Stephens
Buckle Up
Gloria Newton
21Nov Gloria Newton
Charlie Carr
10Sep Charlie Carr
Lisa Kathleen Burdolski
22Mar Lisa Kathleen Burdolski
Aaron Deutscher
20Aug Aaron Deutscher
Paul Thomas Shaw
9Sep Paul Thomas Shaw
Elaine Foote-Smith
11Dec Elaine Foote-Smith
Dariann Dawn Tveter
28Jan Dariann Dawn Tveter
Heads Up
Heads Up
Rodney James Meier
9Sep Rodney James Meier
Hang Up
Hang Up
Dealing with Grief
Links for Parents
Baylee Stoppleworth
21Nov Baylee Stoppleworth