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Safety Plan

The North Dakota Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) provides an overview of traffic safety issues and trends, goals, initiatives, programs and achievements to promote traffic safety in North Dakota. The planning process identifies priority emphasis areas, selects evidence-based prevention strategies and allocates resources for implementation. The process also provides a conduit for coordination and collaboration with other traffic safety partners and initiatives throughout the state.


Each year, an annual Highway Safety Plan is developed, implemented and evaluated in accordance with the SHSP by the NDDOT Traffic Safety Office. Each plan addresses the critical components of safety improvement:



The 2013 North Dakota SHSP update was prepared under the leadership of the NDDOT to align safety efforts with safety partners across the state and to work collaboratively towards their overall goal of eliminating all traffic fatalities in North Dakota. As part of this process, the following North Dakota SHSP mission and vision were developed by the NDDOT.


Coordinate education, emergency response, enforcement, and engineering strategies and build a foundation for change in safety culture to eliminate motor vehicle fatalities and serious injuries on North Dakota roads.

North Dakota’s vision is to eliminate all traffic fatalities on North Dakota’s public roads.


North Dakota Strategic Highway Safety Plan

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